Pinned In The Union

Pinterest piqued the interest of North Dakota State students Friday.

The social media image sharing site was the theme of an event hosted in Memorial Union by Campus Attractions: Pinterest Night.

A line formed to enter the event, and at times the line stretched outside of the door. Multiple rotations were used to allow attendees to create their crafts.

The event was free to attend with a student ID.

Not all event attendees had an account with Pinterest, but the event provided  opportunities for users and non-users alike with an outlet to express themselves through art.

The event pertained to creating one of three crafts related to Pinterest. The crafts were a pet rock, decorating a glass mason jar and canvas painting.

A rainbow assortment of markers and paints, googly eyes, multicolored pom poms and more were provided for students to decorate their crafts. Snacks and beverages were also provided.

“Everyone gets the same tools, but everyone makes something different,” Stephon Atuti, a sophomore studying management information systems, said.

Austin Westmeyer, a senior studying marketing, said that “students are able to come out and express their creativity in a comfortable and encouraging environment.”

“I think the event went really well,” Katie Stuhlmueller, a senior studying management, said .

Abby Lee, a senior studying strategic communications, said the event “was really nice, we collaborated with the gallery. It went very smoothly, and I’m very happy with how it turned out.”

The event was advertised through posters hung throughout MU as well as by listserv.

“I heard about Pinterest Night through friends,” Alex Brown, a student who attended Pinterest Night, said.

Michael Thordson, a junior studying mechanical engineering, said “I saw Pinterest Night advertised on the listerv.”

Pinterest is an online social media service that allows people to share images with their friends, as well as pin things to their “pinboard.”

Pinterest hosts crafting ideas and food recipes, along with other do-it-yourself project ideas.

Pinterest currently has over 100 million active monthly users, and approximately 176 million registered users.

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