Peyton Manning: The Quarterback We Thought We Knew

FLICKR.COM Ian Ransley| PHOTO COURTESY Peyton Manning in his last Super Bowl appearance against the Saints in 2010.
Peyton Manning in his last Super Bowl appearance against the Saints in 2010.

Hey, Papa Johns, it’s your move now.

Sure Peyton Manning won a Super bowl. Sure Peyton Manning will get his swan song in the best way possible.

He will be remembered (or at least this is my opinion at this point) as a stand up guy.

But lets not forget a few things: HGH and sexual harassment.

Just because a guy can throw a ball doesn’t mean that he is immune to paying for his misdoings.

I get it. Being in college you do some dumb stuff. Though I haven’t forcibly shoved my genitalia and rectum in the face of a young lady, I have stolen Tabasco from Chipotle. So I guess you can say we all make mistakes.

Peyton Manning will go down as the anti-Cam Newton.

Peyton Manning: the good guy, white, all-American man who any father would like his daughter to marry.

Is that a fair judgment though?

Al-Jazeera broke that Peyton Manning was included in a list by pharmacist Charlie Sly, detailing players receiving human growth hormones.

Regardless of this story’s eventual outcome, this is a serious allegation. That would make Manning a cheater. Sounds a little thuggish right?

Also this whole sexual harassment case was covered up, and the victim was shamed for even reporting it.

This is the kind of stuff that we must eradicate.

This is sexual harassment on another level. In an article by Deadspin, we see the multiple forms of abuse this trainer had to put up with, while her reporting of the issues at hand were treated as jokes. This wasn’t just a Manning thing, by the way. This was a team-wide thing.

Sure you can like Manning. He is a great quarterback.

But please remember that he is not perfect.

We tend to see professional athletes as black and white. If they can throw a 50-yard bomb down the field then he must be a good guy. Right?

As I eat my Papa Johns next, I will remember Manning.

I will remember a thug; I will remember un-punished sexual harassment.

I might even ask for extra HGH on my pizza.

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  1. She must have been from Florida cause anyone who has ever played for Tennessee Volunteers is a gator hater. Peyton is a legend and she is lying on him my support goes out to Peyton Manning #16. What are they gonna do now take his street sign come on . Like they did to the best coach in football Joe Paterno….. Look out Butch Davis #16 is coming back to Rocky top

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