People across the nation support giving North Dakota’s statehood to D.C. | Photo Courtesy
MegaKota is the future, nobody is good with directions anyway. North? South?

Where even is North Dakota?

A recent poll conducted by Gallup found that most Americans think North Dakota’s statehood should be given to Washington D.C. The results show that a lot of Americans forget that North Dakota and South Dakota are two states.

“Let’s be honest, I think every person has forgotten that there is a North Dakota and a South Dakota at least a few times in their life,” poll participant and California resident Parker Dunning said. Even Cody Shawl, a North Dakota resident admitted to forgetting what state he lives in. “Yeah, I definitely sometimes forget whether I live in North Dakota or South Dakota. I kind of just remember since we’re right next to Canada.”

With national support calling for Washington D.C. to become a state, over 400 million Americans have suggested merging North Dakota and South Dakota into one state which some have even named “MegaKota.” A whopping 90% of participants agree that making one state would benefit the nation and even improve their knowledge of U.S. geography. “If there was a Megakota when I was taking high school geography, I think I would have passed that class.” Pennsylvania resident Bobbie Marker said. “Although I still don’t know how to spell Mississippi.”

The survey also found that a lot of people don’t really know about anything that occurs in North Dakota. “Don’t take this personally, but what even happens in North Dakota? I compare that state to the distant relative that you only remember to call once a year around the holidays,” Florida resident Kathy Manris said.

Even Gov. Burgum agreed that nothing much happens in North Dakota. “I get tired of sitting around my office doing nothing all day. Maybe there would be more to do if we merged with South Dakota.”

With the idea of North Dakota statehood being given to D.C., there is the question of whether the peace garden’s state flag and bird would be transferred as well. “I mean North Dakota’s state flag is pretty cool so I guess we can just take it as our own,” Washington D.C. resident Bonnie Naune said. “Maybe we can add the White House to the background just to make it more Washington D.C. themed.”

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