Spectrum Newspapers Vanish Overnight

More than 700 copies of The Spectrum went missing Monday night.

Copies of the paper’s April 25 issue were missing from at least the Memorial Union, Quentin Burdick Building, Reed/Johnson and Thompson residence halls, outside of the Residence Dining Center, Dolve Hall and the library.

The Spectrum filed a police report with the University Police and Safety Office, which is now investigating and checking camera footage from around the North Dakota State campus.

The missing papers hit The Spectrum with over a $1,300 dollar loss from production, printing, salary and advertising losses.

Part of The Spectrum’s budget, as a tier I organization, comes from the student activity fee.

The Spectrum allocates one paper per student paid for by the student activity fee. The cost of an additional paper is $1.

The last known incident of a large amount of The Spectrum’s papers disappearing overnight happened in 2008. The papers that went missing that year held five pages, which released the salaries of all NDSU employees.

The papers also contained a story of a controversial skit about then-presidential candidate Barack Obama that occurred at the Mr. NDSU pageant, as well as profiles of student body candidates at the time, The Forum reported.

Anyone with more information is asked to contact the NDSU Police.

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