Throw out your stuff

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Organizing your closet can help relieve stress and distract from studying.

The much-anticipated arrival of warmer weather beckons the phenomenon of spring cleaning. With finals looming, though, it may be hard to get motivated to start getting ready for the springtime.

Spring cleaning has psychological benefits. According to Jonathon Fader from Psychology Today, spring cleaning “has been associated with improved mood, decreased stress and heightened creativity.”

“Messy spaces cause stress by bombarding the senses with unnecessary stimuli,” Fader explained. So while cleaning out your dresser drawers or reorganizing your desk might seem like a waste of time, it can actually be a productive activity to help you relax and focus and boost your attitude before your exams.

Spring cleaning will also ease your stress after the semester ends. Once you finish your last final exam or turn in your last project, you will be ready to begin your summer as soon as possible.

However, whether you are heading home, relocating for an internship or simply moving to a new apartment, packing all of your belongings can be a significant undertaking. If you live in the residence halls, you will not have much time to pack up before you move out of your room. A hurried moving process will likely increase your stress if your room is in massive disarray.

The solution is to start cleaning your room little by little for the rest of the semester. That way you will reap the relaxation benefits of spring cleaning over and over as your studying increases, and you will be prepared to move out after finals end.

To truly clean, you will need to do more than reorganize. You will need to get rid of items you do not use or need anymore. Hint: if you did not wear your blue sweater at all this winter, it may be a good time to give it away.

Once you are done cleaning, bring your giveaway pile to a thrift store instead of throwing it in the trash. Thrift stores accept used items and resell them to fund their organization’s mission. Not only is donating to thrift stores better for the planet, it allows you to support a local nonprofit and give someone else the joy of using your items.

Finding where and when to drop off your items can be a hassle, so below is a list of local thrift stores and their donation details so you can focus on cleaning. All locations listed are in Fargo, North Dakota. You can find more stores in the greater Fargo-Moorhead area online.

Before you go to the store, double check each organization’s donation policy to see what items they do and do not accept. Most thrift stores will accept clothing.

Fargo thrift stores

Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch

Locations: 1001 Fourth Ave. N., 1601 32nd Ave. S., 619 13th Ave. E. and 5289 51st Ave. S.

Cause: Provide residential treatment for troubled children

Easter Seals Goodwill

Locations: 1525 32nd Ave. S. and 4325 13th Ave. S., Suite 1

Cause: Help people with special needs and create jobs with career development training

Heirlooms Thrift and Gift

Location: 3120 25th St. S.

Cause: Hospice of the Red River Valley

New Life Center Thrift Store

Location: 221 19th St. N.

Cause: Help homeless men


Location: 1623 38th St. SW.

Cause: Support local nonprofits and create jobs

St. Francis Thrift Store

Location: 1425 First Ave. S.

Cause: Serve people in poverty

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

Location: 2796 Fifth Ave. S., Suite B

Cause: End poverty

The Arc Attic Treasures

Locations: 255 N. University Dr. and 3201 43rd St. S.

Cause: Educate and support people with intellectual disabilities

If you are cleaning out nice clothes and are looking to make some money, there are stores that will buy your clothes from you.

Clothes Mentor

Location: 2551 45th St. SW.

Focus: Women’s clothes

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