One Day Thrift Store Coming to NDSU

For those looking to pick up new clothing or donate to the local community, Thundar’s closet is worth checking out. From 9 -5 p.m., April 25, near the Caribou in the Memorial Union, donated clothes will be for sale. Clothes and small furniture, like lamps and stools but not couches, can be donated from 10-2 p.m. on April 17-21, across from the bookstore.  

The event is part of a wider goal of being more environmentally responsible. Thrifting allows people to get rid of their clothing without it ending up in a landfill. “One problem that I really have seen at NDSU is our lack of focus on sustainability,” said event organizer and Student Body President Christian Walth.

Adding, “I think we do a lot of really great things at NDSU that a lot of people don’t see, but we don’t have a ton of people on campus worrying about recycling or worrying about sustainability or reducibility or reusability, and so this sparked an interest. We want to see that change, one shirt at a time.”

Every year NDSU’s student government puts on one big event. Last year was prom, and they wanted to shake it up while spending less. This idea was also inspired by President Walth’s grandmother, who owns a thrift store in Bismarck.  

Walth said that “there has been a lot of people interested in giving away their clothes, that they’ve had for years because they do spring cleaning, but always feel uncomfortable to give them away. Not only are you giving back to the community, but giving it back to the Bison community.”

Providing access to affordable and fashionable clothes, not at retail price, is another added benefit. On top of that, all the proceeds will support the NDSU Student Emergency Fund. This fund is for students who are going through an unforeseen catastrophic event. Some things they help fund are travel costs during family emergencies, medication and health care.

“Everyone who’s getting the clothes is from the NDSU community. It makes sense that the profits should go to the NDSU community.” Walth added, “if we could donate just $500, that would make a substantial difference for a few students on campus to get through a semester.”

Spring cleaning has many benefits, but now you can do it while supporting the NDSU community. And for those looking to rock some new apparel for spring and summer, you won’t want to miss this.

Cash and cards will be accepted at the event.

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