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Many speculated in the replies that this wasn’t the tracklist for the long-awaited ‘Yahndi.’

Below are some of the hottest news in the music world. From Kanye to Adele, the next few months have a lot in store for music fans.

Kim K. teases new Ye

Could it be true?

Are Kanye West fans finally going to get the album that’s been promised to them for over a year now?

Well, not quite.

On Thursday, Sept. 5, West confirmed on his website that he would be releasing a new album, “Jesus Is King” on Sept. 27.

It’s been nearly a year since West teased fans with a release date for “Yahndi,” so many are questioning whether or not “Yahndi” is dead.

Nevertheless, the thirst for a new album from Ye will be quenched soon enough.

“Jesus Is King” is said to be a follow-up to West’s project “Ye” that was released a little over a year ago in June 2018. This album is presumed to be reflective of the work West has been doing with his Sunday Service.

The Sunday Service is a non-denominational gathering in which Ye combines his classic music with a choir–putting a spin on gospel and rap.

West has been releasing music with religious undertones from the get-go with “Jesus Walks” from “The College Dropout”, to the self-professed gospel album “The Life of Pablo” in which “Pablo” refers to St. Paul the Apostle.

Though it’s not the “Yahndi” we were expecting, which was supposedly going to be in a similar style to “Yeezus,” “Jesus Is King” will suffice.

Nicki Minaj retires

On Sept. 5, Nicki Minaj announced her retirement to have a family via Twitter.

The beloved rapper has accumulated a cult-following and many gathered in support, while some criticized that the announcement came as a surprise and was rather abrupt and insensitive.

Some even theorized that her announcement to retire isn’t real.

According to TMZ, the retirement doesn’t add up given she was supposed to record with other artists and had booked studio time into October. They also mentioned that Minaj could have been “pushed over the edge” by trolls on the internet.

Despite the many claims and qualms, Minaj is supposedly set to release a formal statement regarding more details into her alleged retirement. The date of that announcement is yet to be determined.

Say goodbye to ‘hot girl summer’ and hello to ‘sad girl winter’

Rumor has it that Adele is ready to release a new album this upcoming December.

This November will mark four years since her legendary album, “25” and the iconic “Hello.”

The build-up for new music from our favorite heartbreak hero has been slow and steady, with Adele leaving hints for us every now and then.

In an article by Tone Deaf, Adele retorted that anyone hoping for yet another breakup album would be disappointed.

These speculations were brought on by her split with her husband of eight years.

Also in the article, an outside source told “People” magazine that they think Adele is in a good place to promote new music.

If this new album is anything like her others, we can expect chill-inducing vocals accompanied by a repertoire of instruments that are bound to come together to create hit after hit.

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