No Console? No Problem

Over the weekend a friend and I ended up playing a free game titled “Territory Wars” on the Much Games website.

“Territory Wars” is a flash game, which is a type of game that you use a web browser to play. After my friend left, I got the urge to revisit a few of the flash games I have played over the years.

I want other to people to enjoy these games as much as I have. So here is a list of the games I revisited. As a side note, while I am aware that all these games are war and strategy themed, these are not the only types of flash games out there.

‘Warfare 1917’

“Warfare 1917” is a strategy game on the Agame website set during World War I. You control either the British or the Germans and engage the opposition in trench warfare in an epic campaign.

This flash game is one of the best I have ever played. The graphics capture the harsh realities of WWI as your soldiers and enemies are shot, gassed or blown apart in artillery barrages. The gameplay and mechanics of “Warfare 1917” are addicting and easy to get the hang of.

Every so often I come back to this game to relive the glory days of inside recess in middle school.

‘Mud and Blood 2’

“Mud and Blood 2” is a World War II-era game on the Kongregate website that I keep coming back to. This flash game is a top-down strategy game that pits player controlled American forces against a difficult artificial intelligence with endless waves of German soldiers.

I love this game because of the micromanagement needed to order troops and vehicles around and the uncertainty of what is going to attack you. The game could start with you having to face one lone German private with a Kar98 rifle or (like me on the first wave of a playthrough) a line of five Tiger tanks rolling down from the top of the screen, hell-bent on destruction.

If you like a fast-paced insanely difficult game, then “Mud and Blood 2” is for you.

‘Epic War 3’

“Epic War 3” is a side-scrolling war game on the Kongregate website where creating and upgrading an army of monsters and machines is the goal. After creating your army, you then send your horde to attack an enemy castle far to the right side of the map.

This game is a blast and increases in intensity the longer you fight a battle because the AI does not have the same limitations as you.

This game is quite gory but satisfying to watch. As your goblin hordes tear apart a minotaur or as a mortar annihilates a group of phantoms, you can’t help but feel a sense of victory.

Like all the other games on this list, “Epic War 3” is an addictive and fun, albeit not good, way to spend your time.

‘Ultimate War’

“Ultimate War” on the Kongregate website is by far the most complex game on this list. The reason is clear: the grand strategy campaign. This campaign allows you to play as one of three factions: Humans, Orcs and Dwarves. Each faction’s goal is to decimate the other two and capture the entire map. I personally have never beaten this game because it gets a little frustrating at certain points. It is nevertheless enjoyable as you watch your army and enemies fight to the bitter end.

These are not all that the glorious internet has to offer, however. There are many more games to get addicted to. To start you off on the right foot, here are a few flash game sites to check out:,, and

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