NFL Wild Card Round Preview

After 18 weeks of regular season football action, we have reached my favorite part of the NFL season, the playoffs. We finally have all 14 teams that have made the playoffs and the bracket has been set. So, I will go over each matchup and leave my own thoughts on how each of these games will go. Let’s start with the AFC.

2nd Seed Chiefs vs 7th Seed Steelers

I will admit when I am wrong. And I was wrong about the Kansas City Chiefs. When they were dealing with their early season woes, I was very eager to say that they might have an issue. Fast forward a few weeks and they are playing to potentially get the number 1 seed in the AFC. The Steelers on the other hand, were a missed field goal away from not even making the playoffs. The Steelers have also been one of the more inconsistent teams in the NFL which makes me believe the Chiefs are going to walk away with this game easily.

3rd Seed Bills vs 6th seed Patriots

This is a game that I am really excited to see this weekend. We will get to see Mac Jones make his playoff debut against a very good Josh Allen led Bills. But I think with the Bills above average defense and the Patriots having a young rookie quarterback. I think this game goes to the Bills easily.

4th Seed Bengals vs 5th Seed Raiders

I see this game favoring one team a lot more than the other. Cincinnati has been a very good team this year and quarterback Joe Burrow has shown that he can be an absolute star in the NFL even after his injury. But on the other side you have the Raiders. A team that has had to deal with more inconveniences than any other team in NFL history. Yet they were still able to find themselves in the playoffs. But in my opinion, this is the end of the road. I think that Cincinnati will walk away with this game. But now let’s move to the NFC.

2nd Seed Buccaneers vs 7th Seed Eagles

I am going to love this game. Tom Brady facing one of the teams that stole a Superbowl from him. And I know everyone wants to see them do it again. But even though everyone wants Tom Brady to lose this game. Let’s just be honest with ourselves. This is very unlikely. Despite the Eagles success running the ball, I think that the Bucs are just going to be too much for the Eagles to handle.

3rd Seed Cowboys vs 6th Seed 49ers

The 49ers were able to pull off one of the best comebacks I have seen this year to earn themselves a playoff spot. And they earned themselves a trip to play the number 1 scoring offense in the NFL, who also led the league in takeaways. But you never know, the Cowboys have been super inconsistent this year and have played like 2 different teams in wins and losses. So, we will have to see what team we get in this game. But if I had to pick now, I have the Cowboys winning this game.

4th Seed Rams vs 5th Seed Cardinals

Both teams are coming off of a tough loss last week, but now get the opportunity to show that that was a fluke and move on the the next round. I am excited for this game because divisional games are always a little bit chippy and I hope we see a lot of that this weekend. Both have a lot to prove but I think this game comes down to only one player. Matthew Stafford. If he can play like he did in the early season, I think the Rams have this game. But if he plays like he has recently, I think the Cardinals will find themselves in the divisional round.

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