New Student Body President and Vice President elected

Carl Ludewig and Laura Friedmann are the elected Student Body President and Vice President for next school year

On Thursday, April 8, Student Body election results were announced at North Dakota State University. Carl Ludewig was elected Student Body President and Laura Friedmann was elected Vice President. Senator positions were also elected and Executive Commissioner positions are being decided this week. 

Ludewig is a junior studying Geology and Friedmann is a junior studying Mechanical Engineering. Both Friedman and Ludewig have been interested in these positions during their NDSU careers. Prior to being elected, they both served in Student Government at NDSU for three years. 

Friedmann and Ludewig are excited to serve NDSU and the students on campus. Through their term, they will work to promote activities and opportunities for students who have not been able to experience the normal NDSU this year. Friedmann stated that they are “really excited to bring back, and show all the incoming freshman and sophomores who haven’t seen NDSU pre-pandemic, to really show them what we all have to offer and what it truly means to be a Bison.”

Their campaign and platforms are focused on the students. The three pillars that they will promote throughout their term are the student experience, student organizations and student resources. Through these categories, they will try to refocus campus activities to pre-pandemic and original college experiences. Ludewig said that they will try to “have that social aspect, that I think a lot of students have been missing.”

They will also promote multicultural organizations. One of these organizations called “The World Fair” will be used to promote culture on campus. They plan to use the upper floor of the Memorial Union to promote students who want to celebrate and show off their culture through music, food and having new experiences in a social setting. 

Ludewig and Friedmann are also the first Student Body President and Vice President to select a Diversity and Inclusion Executive Commissioner. “They will really be the voice for the students and to the administration and really let them know how that community is feeling. As well as just promoting diversity in general,” said Ludewig. 

They are also planning and promoting a grant called “Project Jump Start.” Through this program, they will distribute and give $500-$1000 grants to clubs and organizations on campus. These grants will be used to pay for activities and promotional resources. 

Ludewig and Friedmann are planning many new programs and opportunities for students on campus. They both are open to talk and work with students throughout their term on campus. 

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