Artist Spotlight: Forrest Frank

Have you ever found an artist you really liked and then listened to their entire discography obsessively but then eventually got worn out by the number of hours you’ve spent listening to it and moved on to a new artist? Me too, but the one artist that I continue to fall back on is Forrest Frank who also goes by Forrest and is also the lead singer for The Surfaces. His music has a calming vibe and upbeat style that puts a smile on my face every time I listen. 

Although I love all of his music, the last five singles he has released this year have left me in awe, and I can’t wait for his upcoming album.

“no longer bound” ft. Hulvey

“no longer bound” was released on January 6 and got big from TikTok, climbing its way to the third most viral song in the U.S. on the Viral 50 Chart on Spotify. Now some of you are probably wondering why this is so significant, so here’s the catch: “no longer bound” is a worship song. Its chorus repeats, “You came to set us free; I am no longer bound,” hinting at the story of Jesus being sent to set humanity free from our sins and binding us to them no longer.

The message is layered on bright rhythms along with the feature of Christian rapper, Hulvey. My favorite lyric by far due to its creativity and hope along with its indication to one of my favorite psalms, Psalm 23, is, “Even in the valley of the shadow of death; I can take rest cuz the living God is living in my chest.” You simply can’t argue that Forrest is a lyrical genius. Also, one of Hulvey’s lines, “Nothing I could ever do; To separate my love from You,” literally gives me chills because who doesn’t love a reminder that God loves us no matter what? 


Released on February 10, this song is so beautiful. According to Genius, “Ride” is about Forrest’s love for his wife, Grace, and the ways he compares it to the love he has for God which obviously isn’t exactly the same but similar. The chorus says, “I’ve found another love like yours,” which Forrest explained is him talking to God telling Him that he’s found love with his wife which gave him a glimpse into how God loves him. Another line that gives me chills is, “Met this girl inside the church; You met yours outside the club; Wonder why it never works.” Some might not like hearing this, but talk about the tough truth.

The art that is Forrest’s love and lyrics makes me so joyful and can lift my mood anytime.

“Lift My Hands”

This one is probably my favorite of the five I’m covering because not only is the music good but the cover art: chef’s kiss. Released on March 10, this four-minute song covers the gratitude that we should have for God and all He has done in making us new in Him and how all God expects is for us to accept Him as our Father and Savior.

In one of the bridges, Forrest spits some facts that I think most Christians can relate to: “Man, I used to hate me; Til I met somebody; Who told me how He made me; How He died to save me; And if you want the same thing; All you gotta do is just say; Lord, I lift my hands.” You see, this message is literally so important because knowing that God can change you for the better if you will just tell me that you want Him in your life can completely transform you. Another lyric that gets me pumped every time I hear it is, “Down bad, but You got me better; G-O-D, that’s the best three letters.”

Like, come on. I’m not even embarrassed by how much I get into this song while I’m driving.

“Altar” ft. Hulvey

In round two of songs that feature Hulvey, “Altar” was released on March 31, and when I say I only listened to this song for about a week, I am not exaggerating…well maybe a little. Anyway, this song touches on how we must trust and depend on God for everything and that God erases all shame and forgives us if we ask for His forgiveness. “Glory to the Father; You deserve the praise,” delivers perfectly the message that God deserves praise for the blessings and love He gives us.

This song has a lo-fi feel to it but nevertheless is a reminder of God’s goodness. My favorite line from Hulvey is, “You love me with devotion, You don’t kick me when I trip.” If you’re ever feeling ashamed about something, remember that You don’t have to hide from God because he will give you comfort that you can’t find anywhere else.

“Diggin U”

Released on April 7, this song is another ode to Forrest’s wife. I love love, and the way Forrest describes his wife is something I hope my future husband will take notes from. “This is where I wanna be; Up all night living the dream,” is so good because of the fact that just being with her is living the dream. Wow. Also, “You ain’t gotta change a single thing; I’m diggin’ you just the way you are,” can make any hopeless romantic’s heart melt. Trust me, I know.

“Diggin U” is the perfect combination of heartfelt and cheerful. This song hasn’t gotten as many listens from me due to its recent release, but I can assure you that it will definitely be one of my songs of the summer. If summer ever comes. 

I would recommend Forrest Frank, Forrest, and The Surfaces to anyone who is looking for songs to play with the windows down and sun shining, or if you need a little pick me up as we await the summer season. 

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