New Crib, Who This?

A tour of the new and unique Alpha Gamma Delta House

The new house of Alpha Gamma Delta

The bright red doors that greet members and guests at the Alpha Gamma Delta house open into a world of lavish style that would make a french designer blush. The thesaurus has many words for fancy and I might have to use all of them.

The foyer is lit by a chandelier, which I don’t think many college kids could say about their living arrangement. Not Megan Thorson, she is the Sorority’s President and said the place did marvel the members the first time the saw it.

“We were all kinda Star Struck,” Thorson said, “We knew that it would be a new facility and a place that we could all meet together and it would be big enough but we didn’t, at least I didn’t know it would be as nice as it is.”

“It is kinda weird coming from all of our little run-down college street houses to something like this,” Thorson added.

The project was funded by the Alpha Gamma Delta Association according to Thorson. “They did all of the planning and the fundraising, a lot of the fixtures in the house were bought by the Alumni.” Thorson said.

The house took a year to build and is replacing the sororities old house which was built in the 40’s according to Thorson. The new house can hold over 30 sisters while the old house was limited to just 17.

The informal living room of the house is bright yet comfy but the real story is actually the wallpaper. Thorson said it was designed by Kate Spade, the well-known designer and business owner just before she passed away in 2018. The flowing design is actually owned by the organization and can only be used in Alpha Gamma Houses.

The house also features a main living room which both showcases the Sorority and the university with a picture of a bison on the wall. Sorority members are also spoiled by the restaurant-style kitchen and a full-time chef on staff.

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