New castle map in ‘Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord’

More playability for beta testers in team deathmatch multiplayer

Last week, TaleWorlds Entertainment added a new map to the “Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord” beta. “Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord” will be the latest installment by TaleWorlds for the Mount and Blade series and will be releasing for PC in March on a date to be announced.

The new map in question was added for the team deathmatch multiplayer mode. This map is in the form of a castle that is under attack from a fleet of warships out at sea.

Large flaming boulders are being launched onto the ramparts by catapults from these ships. The castle is on fire and rubble litters the ground, but the castle defenders still fighting back by hurling flaming rocks onto the ships at sea.

While the battle going on in the background is epic, the battle between the two factions fighting in the deathmatch is just the same way. Whether the battle is between Battania and The Empire, Sturgia and the Khuzait Khanate, Vlandia and the Aserai or any other matchup, the battleground evolves as individual duals turn into large skirmishes between players.

This new coastal castle map is relatively wide open and sprawling with multiple nooks, crannies and avenues to attack from. This keeps players guessing as to where the next ax swing or cavalry charge will come from. It also allows for them to set up ambushes or lead another player astray from the main fight.

This overall map is extremely atmospheric and makes the battles between opposing teams even more so.

More updates have been released by TaleWorlds for the “Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord” beta. These updates have been mainly bug fixes and UI (user interface) improvements to make the beta more playable for beta testers, however.

The new update that brought with it this new map for team deathmatch, was a big one and helped keep beta testers playing by giving them something more to experience.

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