NDSU’S Career and Advising Center helps students prepare for future

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The Career and Advising Center is located at 306 Ceres Hall

Students can receive resume help, mock interviews and learn more about career paths

North Dakota State University’s Career and Advising Center is planning new events as well as making adaptations for Covid-19. The Career and Advising Center is open to both students and alumni, to help with future careers. 

Through Covid-19, the Career and Advising Center has made adaptations to make meetings. They have added a “Drop-in zoom” that allows students to join a zoom meeting 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on weekdays. They still offer in-person services in a safe way and make appointments through the Navigate app.

Students often struggle in college to find a career path that best suits them. Becky Bahe, the Director for the Career and Advising Center, said. “We will help students walk through what is their purpose.” Finding a career path is an important decision to make and the Career and Advising Center is able to help students find their ambition. 

They also provide services to prepare students for their career path. The Career and Advising Center can help students with resumes, cover letters, headshots and curriculum vitae. They also provide mock interviews, to help prepare students.  

The center also helps connect students with potential employers. Students are able to acquire jobs or internships through the Career and Advising Center. “We have a lot of relationships with employers not just in the Fargo/Moorhead community but regionally and nationally,” Bahe said. 

In February there will be a series of Job Fairs for students to virtually connect with potential employers for a 15-minute time slot. This is also an opportunity for students to learn about jobs and discover what career they may be interested in.

Throughout January The Career and Advising Center will help students prepare for these job fairs. Students can meet with an adviser and discuss tips on how to speak and interact with an employer. 

The event “Passport To Payday” is also taking place on Jan. 28. This event will help international students who want to navigate the United States Job Market. This virtual event will contain speakers discussing topics that may be useful when finding a job.

In 2020 a dramatic amount of jobs were lost due to the pandemic; however, NDSU still offers many jobs for students. “We have over 450 jobs on our career link,” Bahe said. Students looking for a job should contact the Career and Advising Center to help them connect with an employer. 

Bahe added that she would encourage students to ask unique questions when talking to potential employers. She tells students that before an interview or a meeting with an employer, students are benefited by researching and getting some background information. “We want to help students wherever they are at their time at NDSU.”

“Oftentimes we define ourselves, as college students, by major and we are really trying to help students realize that that doesn’t define you and that that may not be the right thing for you.” 

If you are wanting more information about the Career and Advising Center and the services they provide, go to https://career-advising.ndsu.edu

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