NDSU welcomes possible new students

An NDSU faculty member seen talking to attendees about the Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources Department.

The NDSU Transfer Open House was held at the Badlands room in the Memorial Union from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. It was at this event that college staff, as well as other students, helped potentially interested students learn more about different departments and opportunities available to tentative students. The activities at this event helped to show how the students could greatly benefit if deciding to transfer to NDSU. The event was held in an open-house style, which left it as convenient as possible for the visiting student to access.

The booths that were set-up provided information on assessed admission information, transfer credit appointments, scholarship opportunities, and application checks. There were also information stands explaining how students could become better involved in the campus, study abroad, and participate in Campus events.

A campus tour was orchestrated by several students, one of them a genuine past transfer student who had come to learn the inside and out of the university via the classes he took. The people who took part in the tour were mixed from young to older adults who were interested in learning the layout of the institution.

In a discussion with Professor Todd West of AES plant sciences, he elaborated that when he was a college student there was no “College open-house recruitment” at his institution. After several classes and trying different degree paths, including engineering, he finally discovered his passion for the Agriculture Food Systems and Natural Resources department. He also demonstrated that these open-house activities helped people find their interests in a possible degree immediately, rather than declaring different majors and wasting time and money.

In a finishing statement when asked about the levels of learning that the Agricultural Food and Natural Systems offered, Todd West explained, “Plows and Cows are what people usually think about when they hear this title. But that’s not all that it is about.” He further went on to say that learning of how food, nourishment, and health can be better achieved through research and discovery. This was also held in great sentiment of the process of these open-house activities for potential Transfer Students.

Open Houses are generally used as a technique to convince students to attend NDSU. There is more too it than just trying to convince students, but rather eliminating gaps in education they would have if they were still going their supposed route at a different university. Todd West went on to say, “These events are set up to help students find their path within education. With a caring staff and institution paired with the students’ own investment of interest and determination, education can be attained.”

From my own personal experience of being a transfer student, this event was informational and helpful for students who were seeking advice in the next step toward a career path they’re passionate about.

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