NDSU students should be allowed to attend football game

John Swanson | Photo Courtesy
It’s time for students to get back in the dome

We make up the Herd

When Kylee Peterson, a freshman at North Dakota State University, was asked, “Should students be allowed to attend the October 3 NDSU football game without having to purchase over-priced tickets from season ticket holders?” her answer was, “Yes, we make up the herd.” 

Students pack the Fargodome and not being allowed to attend the game only leads to frustration on campus. I have heard many conversations from students complaining that they could not tailgate or attend the game. If students are comfortable attending the game and tailgating, why not allow them? They are taking their own risks. If they are uncomfortable attending the game in person, they can watch it on TV. 

Administrators and staff may ask, “What about the elders and those who are at higher risk, what if a student passes it on to one of them?” If an elderly member of the NDSU community wants to go to the game and has a ticket, they should just be extra cautious and maybe sit away from the student section. The same goes for those who are at a higher risk. If elderly members or those who are at higher risk are uncomfortable being at the game, they can always watch from their recliners at home.

 I respect all of the Bison fans who want to attend the game while respecting the fact that the elderly and those who are more at-risk would be nervous to have Bison students at the game. Every member of the student Herd should be allowed at the game, with an understanding that they may pass or get COVID-19. The Bison Football team needs their Herd at the game. 

Due to COVID-19, students are not allowed to purchase student tickets, while season ticket holders were still allowed to get their tickets. We pay so much to attend school here, why not allow us to attend the game as a student?

I was contemplating buying tickets from a season ticket holder, I asked her how much she was selling them for, and she responded, “$70 apiece.” Being a freshman in college, making a small income and paying for tuition, there was no way I would be paying $70 to attend the game.

If you were to ask me why I chose to attend NDSU a year ago, I would have said: the football games, the tailgating, the NDSU football student section. Now here I am as a freshman, not being able to attend the game and upperclassmen and fans can’t tailgate. Students should at least be allowed to tailgate outside while wearing a mask and being cautious, right? I can only imagine how lonely the game and parking lot will be without the students.

If I was a football player, I would be so upset that the students couldn’t come to cheer me on. Fans bring so much joy and motivation in sports. Without fans, the game isn’t even a form of entertainment. Watching the game in the dorms is not the same as attending in-person, for the athletes and the students. We make up the Herd.

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