NDSU Keeps on Giving

Just outside the Memorial Union, the blood donation bus came ready.

North Dakota State students were able to give back to the community Thursday, Sept. 20 at the Homecoming Blood Drive just outside of the Memorial Union. The event was sponsored by Campus Attractions and was run by the United Blood Services. It went from 12:15-5:15 p.m., allowing everyone to stop by and support the cause.

Many students showed their support by coming out and donating blood. The blood donation bus was filled with nurses and donors at 3 p.m. Every seat was taken as students waited their turn. One of the nurses confirmed that the number of donors for the day was high, and they expected many more students to come in to donate by the end of the event.

NDSU student Kelsey Meston stated, “Though I never had blood drawn before, I like to know that I’m helping a person in need. I personally knew someone who needed blood, and that is why I came out today. In a way, I feel like I am not only saving a stranger’s life, but someone who could be my friend.”

There is always a demand for blood. Giving just once can still help save a life. Blood can be broken down into different components, including red cells, platelets and plasma, all of which is needed every day to help cancer patients, people needing surgery, accident victims and other people in need.

The most needed blood type is O positive, which is the most common blood type and is known as the universal donor type. However, no matter the blood type, the blood will be used to benefit patients in need.

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