NDSU announces NDSU+

NDSU finally enters the streaming game with NDSU+

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As the field of technology constantly expands and innovates it is becoming exceedingly hard to engage students. Too often they want to head off to the newest social media app or watch the latest TV show from Disney+.

This is not just a problem here at NDSU, but it is a problem at college campuses across the country. It has become even worse with the rise of Zoom and Hyflex, why pay attention in your Zoom class when you could watch something on Crunchyroll?

That is why today North Dakota State University is pleased to announce our next big innovation in student engagement. Launching in the summer of 2021 NDSU+ will change the teaching landscape forever.

Researchers on campus were amazed by the reception that services like Disney+, Discovery+, Apple TV+, and Paramount+ received. The number of viewers they have daily is impressive and what do they all have in common, the +.

At first, that was all we were going to do. Look at the name NDSU and add a + to the end because that seems to boost retention and seems to also boosts bank accounts.

However, focus groups did not react well to us just simply adding a mathematical symbol to the end of our name. Participants told us things like “Are they serious?” “Did they miss the entire point of those services?” “If I shake my head do I still get the free coffee?”

Frankly, those remarks were rather hurtful, but we took their advice and looked deeper into these services. After long nights and copious amounts of coffee, decaf, of course, we came to the conclusion that all these services are more than just names of companies with mathematical symbols on the end.

These services offer TV shows, movies, and many high-caliber originals. So, we reached out to every department at NDSU to start coming up with programs we can offer students through NDSU+, and let us just say you won’t be disappointed.

On NDSU+ each college will have its own section like how Disney+ separates its studios. Each section will offer high-quality original content that should keep you engaged for hours. We will also be adding the extensive catalog that RHA cinema offers.

The College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences has an impressive slate of content that will be available on day one.

For all you grammar lovers, Dr. Ross F Collins will headline a new original show titled “Grammar & You.” This show will investigate proper grammar, the history of grammar, and almost every episode will end with a reminder on how to use commas. This show will surely be a hit for the young and old, but specifically English teachers.

If grammar is not your passion, then check out Dr. Zoltan P. Majdik’s slice of life show titled “Zoltan’s Life.” We took inspiration from hit shows like “Modern Family,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “Breaking Bad.” It will surely incite some chuckles.

Are you more into pop culture? Then you will be excited for Dr. Robert Mejia’s upcoming adventure into the world of video games and movies titled “Adventure into the world of video games and movies.” We thought long and hard about that title, the show will not disappoint.

If you are looking for a more serious show, then check out Dr. Carrie Anne Platt’s “Platt Talks.” These are literally just Ted Talks, but we replaced the speaker with Dr. Carrie Anne Platt. This is where most of our CGI budget is going.

Dr. Cheng Zeng will be headlining a new series titled “Researching Research” which will be a deep dive into the world of research so that you don’t have to take Comm 320: Communication Research Methods, you’re welcome.

These are just the Communication department shows, there are so many more coming to NDSU+. We did not even mention the musicals coming from the music department or Dr. Emily D. Wicktor’s “The Victorian Journey,” probably one of our only R-rated shows.

The College of Health Professions will be producing many doctors shows inspired by “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Good Doctor,” people seem to love shows like that. While the College of Human Sciences and Education is making educational shows for kids, though we have no idea why because this program is for NDSU students and not grade school students.

The Spectrum, BiN, and KNDS are teaming up to deliver breaking news in a new show called “NewsDSU.” It will cover all the latest in gaming, sports, national news, and every time a dog shows up on campus.

President Dean Bresciani did not want to be left out of NDSU+. His lovely campus update emails are being turned into a weekly TV Show called “Bresciani’s Banter.” Everything you loved about those campus update emails will be at the forefront of this show, and don’t worry those update emails will still be sent out.

The Dining Centers are even creating cooking-related shows for the service. Give them a call if you want to star in their first original “The UDC Showdown” which will task contestants with completing various tasks around the Union Dining Center including cleaning up after themselves and successfully scanning in on the first try.

This all sounds great and all but what will the cost be? Well fear not for NDSU+ will be given to all current NDSU students “free” of charge. The cost of supporting the platform will just be added to those student fees you have no idea why you pay.

NDSU+ is set to be an impressive service that will no doubt rival Disney+. All our faculty are working on overdrive to deliver high-caliber content to you.

We hope this service succeeds and that it engages NDSU students from all departments. If it fails, oh well, we can just sell the service to UND and still make a profit.

NDSU+ will launch on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, LG TV, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Ouya, Atari 2600, Nook, Kindle, the TVs in the Union, with many more platforms planned. It is slated for a Summer 2021 release; we can’t wait to stream with all of you.

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