NDSU, a Great Choice for International Students

North Dakota State strives to efficiently accommodate international students in the best ways possible.

During my involvement with the organization “I-CORE,” a student group solely tasked with assisting international students with a successful transition into NDSU, we held many events to welcome and inform students.

Many of NDSU’s facilities gather during international orientation to present and provide their services, which streamlines the process for students to accomplish everything they need to prior to the beginning of classes.

Examples of these services includes Information Technology Services with internet access, Bison Card with identification and printing allocation, Student Health Services to update immunizations and Bison Connection for competency regarding money and loans among others.

In speaking with Alicia Kauffman, director of the international student and study abroad services, I’ve come to realize NDSU’s program for international students is one of the best out there.

“When attending conferences with colleagues regionally and nationally, in talking about the international student population we serve at NDSU, people are impressed with the diversity of countries represented at our University and in the Fargo area,” Kauffman said.

When I studied abroad in Korea last year, I truly wish I had the amenities available that are offered through NDSU’s program.

Although students will eventually learn to adapt in the new environments regardless of the program, it is comforting to know that NDSU truly cares about the success and transition of our international students.

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