NBA Screwing Things Up

The NBA made a huge announcement over the past week regarding changes to the NBA All-Star game. The teams have always been the West versus the East. Now, the two teams will be determined by two captains picking teams.

Now, I am not sure if it is going to be two players that pick the teams, or coaches or two former players serving as team captains.

As some may remember, the NFL tried a similar situation for three years where a former player served as the captain. Players included the likes of Jerry Rice, Michael Irving and Dion Sanders to name just a few.

The NBA had to do something to try and make the All-Star game more interesting. The game, under the old format, was just two teams trying to do the flashiest plays with no defense, besides an occasional block or steal, and try to rack up the score and get somewhere close to the 200 mark.

The one thing I do like about drafting teams is that current teammates might get split up and play against each other. So, the big four from the Golden State Warriors might be playing against each other for a change.

I just hope that LeBron James and Kyrie Irving are on the same team. If Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook can play on the All-Star team last year together, anyone can make up and play on the same team again.

All in all, I don’t see a lot changing for the All-Star game. The NFL Pro Bowl was the same in their draft years. Nothing changed and, to me, it made it worse.

The only all-star game that is worth anything is the MLB All-Star game. The winning team gets a bonus at the end of the year for all players, so why can’t other sports think of scenarios like that to make the game more competitive?

So who do you think will be captain? Will it be two players like LeBron and Steph Curry, or two former players like Shaq and Charles Barkley?

Another topic that is in for possible discussion is the postseason format. The current format is simple: you take the best eight teams from the West and they play each other in a bracket, with teams from the East doing the same. You have the one seed versus the eight in a best of seven games, two versus seven, etc. And you go all the way until you have the winner from the West and East play one another.

Now, Adam Silver is thinking of doing a top-16 team bracket and eliminating conference play all together. The postseason could wind up looking something like having 10 teams from the West and eight teams from the East. The West has been a tougher conference for the last few years, with teams missing the playoffs that could have made it if their were in the East.

If Silver decides to go that route, he should change the regular season too. With 30 teams in the league, each team should play the others twice, once home and once away, and see which teams have the best records. There you cut the season to 82 games to 58 games. Now you don’t have guys like LeBron complaining about the season being too long and that players need rest. You’re a professional athlete getting paid millions to play a game, get on the court and stop complaining.

I don’t like this idea either. You’re on a team that is set in a conference and it should be the best from each conference. If you don’t like it, either go play somewhere else or don’t play. Every other of the big four sports has the same concept as this and it has worked for many years. And besides, if you’re a team that would have only made the playoffs if you’re in a different conference, more than likely you’ll get eliminated in the first round.

Out of the major four sports and their commissioners, it seems like Rob Manfred and Gary Bettman are the only two that know what they are doing when it comes to running their sports. NBA please bring back David Stern. And for Roger Goodell, since we can’t forget about you, I have one thing to say to you (coughs and clears throat), “BOOO!”

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