My Top 5 Songs ATM

As we attempt to move into the spring/summer season, I have begun to put together a few musical summer essentials to get me into the summer mood. The following have been supporting me through this time of need–aka the snow and cold aka never-ending winter.

“Brazil” by Declan McKenna

This song literally screams summer. The guitar is impeccable and makes my soul cry out in happiness. Unless you really think about the lyrics, they don’t really make sense, but I think that that might be my favorite part. When it was popular on TikTok last summer and everyone was listening to it, I can admit I was part of everyone. Driving home from an 8-hour shift with the windows down, volume all the way up. Don’t get me started. If you need a boost of serotonin, this is the one.


When my friend showed me this song a few months ago, I had no idea that it was about to be the only thing I listened to for hours on end. The soft vocals paired with the calming strum of the acoustic guitar are something else. The lyrics also have a way of getting me emotional because who doesn’t love a worship song that speaks to you a little too much? This song really digs into coming to God as who you are and not putting so much pressure on yourself because He will love you no matter what, and all we can do is thank Him.

“Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears

This one has been one of my favorite summer songs for a long time, but just recently my love for it was reaffirmed when it was performed by a group called Five Mind at a talent show for Chi Alpha called Coffeehouse. I don’t know why, but this performance was a spark for what is now definitely going to be a song my car will become very familiar with again. The guitar, percussion, keyboard, and vocals come together to create a true work of art that just itches a part of my brain I didn’t know needed itching.

“Why Not Me” by Forrest. & Biskwiq

This song is just happy and vibrant: that’s the only way to describe it. I unashamedly have literally listened to this song for about 4 hours in a row, and it never got old. I sincerely believe that Forrest.’s vocals accompanied by Biskwiq beats are something different. This song is very similar to ‘Brazil” when it comes to the vocals because they kind of get to a point where the notes become high enough where they kind of squeak the note out, and don’t ask me why, but I love it. 

“Someone Like” by Caye

I just recently got a hold of this one, and it is absolutely a keeper. In this song, Caye talks about love, and it is just absolutely beautiful. I love it when artists can put into words what a lot of people are thinking and deliver it in a creative way. If you looked at the lyrics only, you might be convinced that the rhythm would be slow and lulling, but it is quite opposite with more of a hip-hop feel and some beautiful guitar solos might I add. I sincerely love the message of this song because who doesn’t relate in some form to wanting someone to love and do all the little things with?

Thank you so much for coming to my TED Talk. Listen at your own risk because you will become a little obsessed. 

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