Movie Review: Wonka

Haven’t watched the new Willy Wonka film yet? Let me tell you what I thought.

 From starting a new life in a new city to being conned with interest fees so high, this new Willy Wonka film engages its audiences with modern inside jokes, new characters, and enchantingly delightful stories.

I went to watch the new Willy Wonka film with a friend and we doubted that it would be any good, but we laughed a lot more than we cringed. There were moments where we thought we knew the plot just to be humiliatingly humbled by outrageous plot lines that featured well-known characters/actors.

The film intricately explains the origins of the famous chocolate and candy maker, his troublesome journey in becoming such a successful artist and innovator, making new friends, and facing the 3 musketeers of capitalism, the chocolate mafia or”the chocolate cartel” as the movie names it.

Willy Wonka and his newly made friends (who were also conned), band together to fight for sweet justice. All with dreams of their own and thoughts to sing, we venture into their own hardships.

I’m not one to spoil movies for anyone, so I won’t mention any of those characters (no matter the size). But if you do end up watching the film with family, friends, or maybe your own version of the company, you’ll just be disappointed that it ended too early. You also might start craving some chocolate!

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