Move Over Netflix and Hulu

Remember that movie you wanted to see a long time ago? You never got to see it, because you didn’t want to go alone or you just forgot?

If you are a student at NDSU and currently live in a residence hall or NDSU apartment then you probably have heard of the Residence Hall Association. Well, did you know RHA has a free movie website?

RHA Movie Network is a website accessible for all NDSU students currently living in NDSU housing. All you need is a connection to the Internet, a computer and a lot of free time.

The website has a wide variety of genres, including action (“300: Rise of an Empire”), comedy (“Zoolander 2”), biography (“The King’s Speech”), drama (“Fifty Shades of Gray”), romance (“The Notebook”), horror  (“The Conjuring 2”), thriller (“The Da Vinci Code”), adventure (“The Dark Knight Rises”), western (“Django Unchained”), fantasy (“Harry Potter”), mystery (“Sherlock Holmes”), children/family (“Annie 2”), musical (“West Side Story”), war (“Zero Dark Thirty”), science fiction (“Back to the Future”) and more.

The RHA Movie Network is run by students. All the movies that make it on the network are voted by students using the RHA Facebook page. They release polls with all the titles that can be on the website. Students vote on the titles, and the most votes will be released on the website. The titles already on the website will cycle to create room for the incoming titles.

Ever wanted to have a “Harry Potter” movie marathon? RHA Movie Network has you covered. Wanna watch “The Blind Side?” RHA Movie Network has you covered.

If you want to have a say in the movies that make it on the network, follow the RHA page on Facebook and in the meantime watch all the movies they have to offer.

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