Take your accomplices with you

They say not to cry because it’s over, but to smile because it happened. As it happens, this is terrible advice for someone who shuts a door on their finger.

If you give that advice to someone who shuts a car door on their finger, they hit you hard enough to redefine another cliché: “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”

Even so, many of us are heading away from campus for the summer or a lifetime. You know the feeling by now. Summer always feels long, but a lifetime isn’t long enough. Either way though, you’re leaving. That is inherently sad.

Some of you might be taking it well. Others might chain themselves to their dorms like the local business tycoon is trying to tear it down and build a luxury resort for the rich and snotty with orphan tear hot tubs. There’s also maybe some middle ground there.

Movie tropes aside, let’s talk about mementos. That is, whatever memento you are bringing with you. This is a part of your life now. You should really bring something back, big or small.

It is nice to have something you can look at and remember the good times.

Now, I would never condone stealing, but I have, through various means, acquired an assortment of dining center mugs. It’s only fitting because college gave me a pretty bad coffee addiction. Also, my napkin dispenser may look like the ones in the dining centers, but I assure you it is not. My salt and pepper shakers also look strikingly similar to those at Herd and Horns.

While you psychology majors see an underlying habit that may exhibit itself other ways throughout my life, possibly in the form of designer shirts or excess after dinner mints, I hope the rest of you pick up on the true sentiment.

It is nice to have something you can look at and remember the good times. All those days you sat around the dining center enjoying a meal or doing homework. The nights out you wouldn’t trade. Most importantly, you’ll remember the people you met over a familiar chicken patty or a sticky bar table.

They make this whole town what it is, and they are what you’re really taking with you. The best crimes come with an accomplice.

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