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Love Won, And They Did, Too

book signing
Melissa Davidson | PHOTO COURTESY

In June, the Supreme Court officially made it lawful for same-sex couples to wed. But long before then, one couple achieved the nearly impossible.

On Sept. 3, 1971, Michael McConnell and Jack Baker made history as the first legally married same-sex couple in the United States.

Now, nearly 45 years later, they return to describe the frustration, love and legislation involved for their marriage to succeed in their book “The Wedding Heard ‘Round the World.”

Co-authored with Gail Langer Karwoski, McConnell and Baker tell the story of their life: from how they met, to their struggle to marry and finally their recent life together.

When McConnell and Baker first began their relationship, it was unheard of for same-sex couples to marry. This was abundantly made clear when McConnell and Baker made the decision that they would find a way to lawfully wed despite the huge difficulties it would entail.

Both McConnell and Baker were activists for same-sex rights throughout the ’60s and ’70s in the Minneapolis community. They created safe spaces for LGBT people to meet, socialize and find refuge without fear of danger. But they wanted more.

Their hope was to one day succeed in ensuring all couples, no matter their orientation, would have the right to marry.

“The Wedding Heard ‘Round the World” details the intricacies of their legal battle and their fight for equality. It also discusses the discrimination they faced as openly gay men by the law and by employers.

This Friday, McConnell and Baker are coming to Fargo to read, discuss and sign their book at 6:30 p.m. Friday in Zandbroz Variety downtown.

The discussion will include the details of their marriage, how they managed to bypass the laws prohibiting same-sex couples to marry and also their own personal journeys throughout the entire process.

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