Local tattoos: a look into shops in the FM area

46 and 2 Tattoo

Authors Note

I have always been fascinated by tattoos and the culture surrounding the different art styles. As a second year college student with a few tattoos myself,  I wanted to learn more about the local shops in town and the artists that inhabit them. I have learned that fostering a relationship with your artist and understanding the styles they can adapt to fit your vision is important. I wanted to share my interactions with the local artists, shop owners and customers in hopes of fostering connections and sharing knowledge to others fascinated by the industry, like me. 

46 and 2 Tattoo

The highly popular tattoo shop, 46 and 2, has a 4.8 average Google review. Like many tattoo shops busy from the quarantine tattoo surge, the few negative reviews center around not being able to get in touch with artists. 

According to their website, the shop is home to eight artists, each specializing in different styles.

The owner, Paul Johnson, opened the shop in May of 2004. Many curious customers wonder what the name 46 and 2 means. 

“‘46 and 2’” is described as a theory that the human body will, in the next evolutionary step, go from 46 chromosomes to 48 chromosomes and move us more in tune with nature,” Johnson said in his website bio. 

Information on their artists can be found on their website along with their histories in tattooing. 

NDSU student Winnie Weninger has had two tattoos done at the shop. They had a not-so positive experience with their artist stating that they felt their artist was in a bad mood and brought a negative energy into the experience of their first tattoo.

NDSU Student Winnie Weninger showing off their tattoo done at 46 and 2 Tattoo. Photo Courtesy | Winnie Weninger

“I would go back to the shop, yes, and I plan to. Just not back to that particular artist,” Weninger said when asked if they would go back. 

Weninger implied that the shop was not the issue and that they felt it was a professional place.

“The culture of the shop was decent. It was a clean place that had been recommended to me by multiple people from around the state,” Weninger said. 

More information on the shop can be found on their website 46and2tattoo.com or their instagram @46and2tattoo. Emails for individual artists can also be found on their website, and according to reviews, appears to be the best form of communication.

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