Local tattoos, a look into shops in the FM area

The Bee’s Nest

Authors Note

I have always been fascinated by tattoos and the culture surrounding the different art styles. As a second year college student with a few tattoos myself, I wanted to learn more about the local shops in town and the artists that inhabit them. I have learned that fostering a relationship with your artist and understanding the styles they can adapt to fit your vision is important. I wanted to share my interactions with the local artists and shop owners in hopes of fostering connections and sharing knowledge to others fascinated by the industry, like me. 

The Bee’s Nest

The Bee’s Nest Tattoo and Art Studio is owned by artists Tanna Hill and Steph Marshall. The shop is located at 14 8th St S, Fargo, and is home to an all female staff of artists as well as a piercer, Brittany. 

The shop has a review of 4.8 with 122 reviews on Google. The few negative reviews center around being unable to contact the artist or contact taking longer than expected but otherwise consists of positive reviews. 

The artists all specialize in a variety of styles, but describe themselves as well rounded. 

“I lean more towards a more illustrative style, bold lines and big colors. I’m perfectly comfortable doing black and grays and realistic pieces though, just don’t ask me to do landscapes. Landscapes translate as mushy shapes in my brain,” Hill said on the shop’s website 

Both owners seem to lean into color as their style of favor. 

“As an artist I’ve been fond of vibrant color styles like watercolor, realism and floral. I also love vintage black and gray with high contrast. Complicated line work styles, like sacred geometry and mandalas are a lot of fun,” Marshall said on the shop’s website. “All in all though I’m pretty free spirited and am well rounded in a variety of styles from traditional Japanese to cover ups to landscapes. Shoot me a text and we can talk about what inspires you and how we can make your tattoos come to life.”

Marshalls work pictured on Schmidt features lots of color and soft details.
Photo Courtesy | Megan Schmidt

NDSU student Megan Schmidt has had multiple tattoos done at The Bee’s Nest, done by Marshall.

“My experience was great at the Bee’s Nest. The shop and it’s staff provided a very welcoming environment, and the Covid protocols at the time made me feel very comfortable. Their prices were great, along with the beautiful work. I was able to receive tattoos even better than what I could’ve imagined,” Schmidt said. 

Schmidt felt that the shop was very welcoming, specifically as a woman, due to it being a female-run shop.

“Their shop culture is amazing, since it is woman-owned and operated there is a more feminine feel, which I enjoyed. I think that tattoo shops can feel very intimidating and almost intense, but the Bee’s Nest does a great job at making the shop welcoming for all their clients,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt also received this bee tattoo from the fitting named shop, The Bee’s Nest.
Photo Courtesy | Megan Schmidt

Schmidt said she would 100% go back to the shop and has had many tattoos done there are well as piercings. 

“I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get a tattoo in Fargo, the different artists all specialize in different styles, so it is very likely that you can find someone you like. I also would like to shout out the fact that it is a completely women-owned and ran shop which is incredible,” Schmidt said.

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