Local nonprofit donates hand-made bouquets to the community

Brayden Zenker | The Spectrum
Kelly Krenzel founded Hope Blooms in 2016.

Nonprofit Hope Blooms reuses donated flowers to make bouquets for the community

Hope Blooms is a local nonprofit that repurposes donated flowers. The flowers are made into bouquet arrangements and donated to community members. The arrangements are often donated to those in nursing homes, hospice facilities and hospitals.

Kelly Krenzel is the founder of Hope Blooms. Krenzel started making arrangements in her basement in July of 2016 before its official founding as a nonprofit in July 2017.

“We are using these bouquets as a way to build community in our community and that is this moment you are seen, you are known and you are loved,” Krenzel said.

Krenzel started Hope Blooms to give back to her community and set an example for her son. She started with inspiration from her grandmother.

“She also taught me what it meant for people to do a small act of kindness just because.”

Hope Blooms Founder, Kelly Krenzel

“I was very close to my grandma growing up. She taught me how to garden,” Krenzel said. “She also taught me what it meant for people to do a small act of kindness just because.”

Reusing and repurposing items has always been important for Krenzel. She quotes herself as a “die harder thrifter and recycler.”

“I like to be a good steward of the environment as much as I can be,” Krenzel said. “I didn’t have my mindset on that I was going to start a non-profit. I wanted to do something good to give back to the place I live in. I believe that’s all of our responsibilities if we want to live in the best community.”

Hope Blooms receives a majority of their flower donations from weddings and funerals. They also receive donations from local grocery stores and wholesalers.

“Whether it’s a funeral or a wedding, it’s a celebration of life and love,” Krenzel said. “For married couples, it could be their first charitable act as a married couple. After funerals, families can share that love and goodness forward for those that passed. They’re able to brighten someone’s day after how much of an impact the person had on their life.”

Hope Blooms is hoping to build on donations from the gardens of community members during the summer months. Community members can donate clippings from their gardens or even reserve space for flowers to donate.

“We would love to grow the community aspect and get more people involved with growing flowers,” Krenzel said.

Hope Blooms currently donates around 4,500 bouquets every year and has donated over 12,000 bouquets since starting in 2017. Most people that receive the bouquets will be receiving them for the first time.

“I truly believe we’re creating community and we’re using bouquets as the tie,” Krenzel said.

Hope Blooms is 100 percent volunteer-driven. Hope Blooms has volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups and corporate workshops. Volunteers can assemble bouquets, process flower donations, help with cleaning task or make deliveries. To volunteer with Hope Blooms, visit their hopeblooms.org/volunteer.

Hope Blooms will be participating in Giving Hearts Day on Thursday, Feb. 13. Giving Heats Days is an annual online charity event for North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota. To donate visit bit.ly/hopebloomsGHD.

Couples can also donate flowers after Valentine’s Day to Hope Blooms. To schedule a donation, call Hope Blooms at 701-491-8821.

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