Local Freshman Goes Crazy at Involvement Expo


David Floss sat down with me to discuss his plans to be involved in over 30 clubs and organizations.

North Dakota State freshman and recent bachelor, David Floss is currently trying to decide if he will actually go to any of the clubs he signed up at the involvement expo.

Floss, who signed up to write for The Spectrum as well, told me in an exclusive interview that he honestly just did it all on impulse. He has since chosen not to write for The Spectrum over fear of inadequacy.

Floss, who had been talking about marriage with his now ex-girlfriend told me it was the happiest three months of his life but it was time for a change. That is when he signed up for 35 clubs and organizations, including but not limited to: The Spectrum, Student Government (God knows why), Unicycle and Juggling club, Bison Robotics, Sirloin and Saddle and several others that have chosen to go unnamed. Floss admitted to me that he didn’t even vote this year, but now he is signed up for both College Democrats and College Republicans and even accidentally got involved with the Libertarian group who he mistakenly thought was a book club.

“I lost control.” Floss admitted to me that at the beginning of the year he had hoped to be more involved, but had decided to focus on school more at the time.

Several bison days (skipping every class) and getting drunk on Tuesdays later, Floss has decided to make more friends.

“It is a great way to meet people, or so I’ve seen in movies.” Floss also told me that after the involvement expo he rushed every fraternity and even questioned the policies at Kappa Delta.

“I am going to be the most involved bastard on this campus.” After telling me that, Floss told me that he was wondering if I would join him to Mass on Saturday night; it would be his first Bison Catholic get together.

Floss’s experience is not uncommon. Every year hundreds of people sign up for The Spectrum, but only the strangest and in some cases the smelliest (looking at you Zach) make it. Find something you are passionate about and then never stop doing it. But until then, do you want to write for The Spectrum?

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