Life hacks with Cass

How to utilize NDSU’s newest resource: Print on-the-go


Welcome to life hacks! The goal of this column is to give you little, helpful hacks to help increase the ease of your everyday life.

Print on the go using this link:

 Step One: Choose a printer:

Select where you would like your document printed. (almost every printer on the main campus or on the downtown campuses is available.) 

Step Two: Selecting your document and options:

 You can either drag and drop a file from your computer or copy and paste a URL from a website. On this page select how many copies you would like and what pages of the file you need printed. At the end of this page is where you enter your username, so you know which file is yours when you get to the printer.

Step Three: Select Page Settings

With page settings the printer will automatically select size 8.5 x 11in, (which is typically the only size available at printers) you can decide if your page should be single-sided or double-sided and the orientation of the page.

By pressing continue at the end of the page, the website sends the file to the printer that was chosen in step one. When the job has been processed the document is ready to be picked up! Just swing by the printer you chose, select your username, scan your card and head on your way.

Oh, and don’t forget your document.

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