Life Hacks with Cass

Amp up your snacking habits with these hacks that are perfect for college students


Welcome back. This week, I have some tips and tricks for those of you that like to snack or don’t really like to cook.

Snacky Hacky’s

Try adding a little soy sauce and butter to your popcorn for a salty, ultra-savory snack.

Love flaming hot Cheetos? Love cream cheese? Try dipping flaming hot Cheetos in cream cheese. #mindblown

Try this: Plain Lays (or any plain salted chip will do) and Top the Tater in a squeezable bottle. All you have to do is pull out a chip and squirt a little Top the Tater on it. Minimal cleanup – maximum deliciousness.

Lazy Dinner

Upgrade simple chicken nuggets to chicken parmesan bites by adding a little marinara and grated parmesan.

Like ramen but looking to make it a little fancier? Try one of these simple hacks:

Crack an egg in it. The broth will cook the egg and it will end up being scrumptious (trust me, it’s good).

Throw in some frozen veggies (or fresh, depending on what you have in the fridge).

Add a touch of soy sauce, hot sauce or fish sauce.

The next step is to boil the noodles, throw them in a lightly oiled pan or wok for a few minutes to make the noodles more crispy and in turn, enhancing the flavor.

If you think that’s too much work

Try making mug meals! (there are some pretty great recipes on Pinterest, such as mac and cheese, omelets and so many more.)

I hope these hacks help you stay full with minimum effort.

Happy snacking, everyone.

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