Letter to the editor | Deputy Fire Director James Garvey responds to Student Body President Chase Grindberg

In the article Is Dunbar Done-bar?, Student Body President Chase Grindberg is quoted as saying  “The fire marshal has joked to let it burn.” I want to make it clear that the Fargo Fire Marshal has never joked about letting Dunbar burn. The truth is, the Fargo Fire Department has worked with NDSU staff, students and administration to improve the safety of the building. The Fargo Fire Department and NDSU are partners sharing a goal of student safety. A part of keeping students safe is having them live and work in an environment protected by fire suppression systems, however, in Dunbar these systems are not in place because they were not required when the building was constructed. This limits some of the operations and hazardous materials that can be stored or used within the building. We have worked through and corrected those challenges together.

In fact, the Fargo Fire Department responded to a fire in the facility on 12/9/17. The fire department did not let it burn. When fire crews arrived they saw smoke coming from the roof. They entered and found a room in the lower level that was completely involved with fire. Smoke and heat in this lab were present from the ceiling to the floor. We conducted a fire attack limiting the fire growth to the room of origin. As always, we defend against the loss of life and property and took the situation seriously. I want all NDSU students, staff, as well as the entire community to know that when a disaster happens and you call 911, the Fargo Fire Department will be ready to assist.


James Garvey

Contact: James Garvey, Deputy Fire Marshal, 701-241-8135

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