In Response to ‘Veterans Day Brings Petition’

In regards to the front page article on veterans (ran 19 Nov 15), I would like to say this is a crock of s—t.

This article inaccurately portrays several very important factors behind what went on at the veterans center on campus, and sell it short. I’ve never, in my 7 years of schooling, had a single problem working with the people at the vet center.

Jack Dura’s refusal to interview anyone else is nothing short of a mockery of journalism, and stands as an insult to the principles of academic objectivity for which a campus newspaper should hold as its highest guiding principle.

Beyond this, to slander people involved without giving them a chance to clarify or explain their actions is despicable.

If there is, in fact, an issue with how veterans are treated on campus, further input on it should be gathered from the vets who attend the school, and shouldn’t stand on the sensationalist input of a disgruntled former employee and a former Marine who wants special treatment.

If you have questions about the topic and want input, feel free to ask.

Jeff Snyder

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