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Letter to the Editor

letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

We have had presidential candidates for whom I did not vote and some whom I do not respect much, but how rude was it for one of our high leaders to deliberately tear up Pres. Trump’s speech in multiple sections behind the back of the president of the United States and in the view the entire world?  

If one of the presidents for whom I had little respect would enter the room, as a gentleman and as a good citizen I would stand and clap when “Hail To The Chief” was played.  Even if I did not agree with that president, I would honor his position as the leader of our great nation.

The rudeness of tearing up the president’s speech and doing it behind his back tells much about the character of that politician even though she holds a powerful office in our federal government.

How very sad.

Yours for a better America,

Dan Manka

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