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I want to use this letter to “talk to” my fellow males out there about how many times that so many of us hurt, abuse, harass and otherwise use women so deeply and profoundly in our relationships with them; to the point where we traumatize them for life resulting in them needing therapy to try to feel better about themselves.

It hurts for me to listen to the song “HANDS CLEAN” by Alannis Morisette in which she describes how she was used and taken advantage of by an older man when she was only 14 years old and how he tries to blame her for him being attracted to her and using her. His attitude is so demeaning and disrespectful to all women.

But I know how common this is, and it sickens me and angers me so much that it sometimes makes me want to have a sex-change operation because evil men like this give the rest of us a bad name and a terrible reputation.


Stewart B. Epstein

P.S. I am dedicating this letter to the editor to my adorable wife, Ellen Clair and to Karen Ann Carpenter.

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