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Letter to the Editor: Why Does The Spectrum Hate Diversity?

Despite a series of articles on the subject, diversity is critically lacking on the editorial board of the Spectrum. The Spectrum has people from all walks of life on its editorial board bringing apparent diversity to the board, but they all share the same political world-view thus undermining the diversity of Spectrum content.

An analysis of all the opinion articles from the desk of the editorial board of the spectrum since February 13, 2014 finds that political statements made up 30 percent articles,  all political articles came from the same viewpoint.

The exclusive political viewpoint presented in the Spectrum is shared by a comparatively small percentage of NDSU students. In the fall of 2016, twelve classes held anonymous polls about the presidential election. When the data was compiled, 83% of students stated they supported conservative candidates. This result was then confirmed by the office of the North Dakota Secretary of State elections results were verified in November. Seventy-six percent of all ballots cast in the three major student precincts were cast for Republican candidates.

There is a variety of opinions among students here at NDSU. Why does the Spectrum, a student paper, only express one viewpoint, a perspective apparently shared 30 percent of the students here at NDSU?

The lack of intellectual diversity on the editorial board of the Spectrum and the lack of broad political content undermines the purpose of the Spectrum as a student newspaper.  College is meant to expand student minds and prepare them for the real world. The Spectrum should facilitate debate, not shut out dissenting opinions so that all students views have the opportunity to be heard and debated.

It is the duty of the editor-in-chief as well as the publisher to create a paper with intellectual diversity here on an intellectually diverse campus. So far their performance of this critical duty has failed.  The question the editorial board needs to answer is “Are you happy with the status quo, or will you strive for a true Spectrum of thought?”

-Calvin Benson

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