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A review of Bully Brew Coffee

Authors Note

Since coming to college my caffeine intake has skyrocketed. I practically run off of various caffeine drinks and since becoming a barista I have also become quite the coffee snob. Gone are the days of me going through the Starbucks drive thru, in place of a much more sophisticated taste. 

If you are anything like me, or hopefully are willing to change your ways, you have realized that the big coffee corporations just do not cut it when it comes to quality. In a quest to find quality coffee shops I have decided to take to the streets of Fargo. 

Over the next few weeks I will be examining local coffee shops and reviewing them based on taste, quality and atmosphere. 

As a disclaimer, I have previously worked at Bully Brew Coffee, but will do my best to formulate an unbiased review.


The espresso was very good. I wish it was served in a nicer cup then a plastic reusable one but it got the job done. The espresso had a very deep dark taste. I would have preferred to see a better layer of crema on top as it was lacking, but overall the acidicness to sweetness ratio was well balanced and I enjoyed the shot. I would rate the shot a 3/5.  

As always, I paired the espresso shot with a chai tea latte with oat milk. Bully brew has two flavors of chai, I choose the spiced chai. This is not a drink for chai snobs as it is rather sweet and has more of an artificial chai flavor, however it is still incredibly good. 

The chai is definitely more of a treat then something I would drink on the regular because of how sweet it is, but I do highly recommend it. I would rate the chai a 3/5. 

The final rating for drinks is a 3/5. If you love a sweet treat for a drink definitely try the spiced chai, and you could also ask for half the flavoring/sweetener if you enjoy a milder drink.

Bully Brew is named after the owners love for bulldogs, which is shown on their coffee sleeves. 
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi


I purchased the Elvis, which is a breakfast sandwich consisting of bacon, sausage, eggs and pepper jack cheese. For my choice of grain I chose an everything bagel. 

The sandwich was perfectly toasted and the combination of ingredients on the inside was beautiful. The sandwich is very large so I left feeling quite full. 

The sandwiches are fairly typical breakfast sandwiches, however the side of chipotle mayo that comes with the sandwich sets it apart. I highly recommend purchasing a sandwich just to try the sauce, it is that good. The food was very good and main the reason I will continue to patron Bully Brew. I give their food a 4/5.

Atmosphere and Overall

The atmosphere is very bright and welcoming. I would not say it is my favorite place to sit down and work for long periods of time, as I like dark comfy areas for working. If you are someone who needs a bright busy place to stay focused this would be the place for you. 

The sitting consists of standard tables and chairs, and a comfier set of chairs are in the corner as well as two booths. They have a cute merchandise area but as far as decor there is not much to look at. Overall I give the atmosphere a 2/5 but for a store total I would give Bully Brew a 3/5.

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