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A Review of Black Coffee and Waffle Bar

Since coming to college my caffeine intake has skyrocketed. I practically run off of various caffeine drinks and since becoming a barista I have also become quite the coffee snob. Gone are the days of me going through the Starbucks drive thru, in place of a much more sophisticated taste. 

If you are anything like me, or hopefully are willing to change your ways, you have realized that the big coffee corporations just do not cut it when it comes to quality. In a quest to find quality coffee shops I have decided to take to the streets of Fargo. 

Over the next few weeks I will be examining local coffee shops and reviewing them based on taste, quality and atmosphere. 


The espresso was served on a platter in an espresso mug. There was a beautiful caramel colored layer of crema on top. The shot was the perfect amount of deep flavor and with a touch of sweetness that balanced out the acidicness well. I would rate this espresso a 4/5.

I ordered a chai as always. I have to say this may be my favorite chai I have gotten thus far. My favorite part, the foamy layer on top, was lightly dusted with cinnamon that helped to pull out the spices in the drink itself. The milk was silky and the chai flavor was light and sweet.

I am curious to know if the chai is authentic or made with a syrup or something of that nature, as it is fairly sweet. The milk was just steamed to perfection and I think that is why I appreciated this chia so much. Overall I would give the drinks a 4/5.

Black Coffee and Waffle Bar is located in Downtown Fargo.
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi


I ordered the Fat Andrew waffle on recommendation by the staff. This is a waffle you can not go wrong with. Topped with bananas, cinnamon, peanut butter, whipped cream and powdered sugar, this waffle is a breakfast dream. 

The waffles are $10 which in my initial opinion was quite high, however they are huge and piled high with toppings. I did not finish mine and would recommend sharing if you do not have a huge appetite in the morning. 

I ate the quarter of my waffle without syrup, as the peanut butter did a well enough job in that department, however, after adding syrup I can say I was not disappointed 

If you love peanut butter, get this waffle. I rate the waffle a 5/5. 

For those of you who are not a fan of sweet breakfast food they do have some savory waffle options as well such as the Loaded Potato or One Bad Pig.

The shop is extremely spacious and featured large garage door windows.
Photo Courtesy | Courtney Entzi

Atmosphere and Overall

The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. The store was clean and modern and the space was very large, meaning my introverted self could sit a good distance away from others. 

I would love to come here in the future when the weather is nice because I noticed they have large garage door windows that I would assume they open up to let in some fresh air. 

This would be a perfect spot for a weekly breakfast place if you and your friends participate in that ritual. 

I would rate Black Coffee and Waffle Bar a 4/5. My only deduction being that they do not have any comfy spots to sit and study, but I was quite comfortable in the one booth they had in the corner. 

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