Let’s talk about Euphoria season two 

Reviewing character development in season two

Warning: Euphoria Season two spoilers

The season two finale aired on Sunday, Feb. 27 and I still have not even begun to process the captivating, Euphoria season two, so I figured I’d share my thoughts on some of the influential characters of the season. 

I’ll start with my opinion on the season itself. I thought this season was far more interesting than the first. From the makeup, outfits, camera work, symbolism and character development, I really could not have asked for more, and unlike most shows it only got better after the first season.


I struggled to love the main character Rue (Zendaya) this season. She consistently made poor decisions that affected the relationships around her negatively, making it very difficult to root for her, but I did. She does get clean by the end of the season after a nasty intervention that pulled apart almost all of her closest relationships. I was pleased how they ended the season with her, as she appeared to be in a much better place.

I do have some questions, however, that went unanswered. What happened with the suitcase and Laurie? What happened when Rue was at Laurie’s place? 

I do not see season two being an end to Laurie’s presence and I definitely think she will come back and be a large part of the plot for season three, after all she never got her money. Laurie talked about trafficking in the past and there has been some speculation that Rue was trafficked while she was staying a Laurie’s, but we will have to wait until season three to see if the trafficking comes up again. I could see Laurie coming back into season three attempting to traffick Rue in order to make up her money. 


I hated Jules this season. Jules feeds off control and validation and even when she claimed to have gotten over that, she still cheated on Rue with Elliot. Not to mention how hypocritical it was of her to cheat on Rue after she had been jealous of Elliot when she first discovered he and Rue were friends. 

I loved Jules and Rue’s friendship in season one but hated them as a couple this season. My only hope for season three is that they do not get back together.


I love the character development going on in season two for Lexi. Like almost everyone, I love her. Her insecurities are very relatable but she attempts to change and work on them throughout season two. The final two episodes of the season featured her play, which was one of the greatest things my eyes have ever laid their sight on. And if I have not said it yet, I ship Lexi and Fez, aka Fexi. 

I am curious to see how the Fexi relationship plays out in season three, especially after Fez missed her play due to the incident. Which brings me to Fez.


I would die for season two Fez. I loved watching the relationship between him and Lexi blossom this season. They ended season two on a very suspenseful note regarding Fez’s story line. I am a Faye stan, especially after she let Fez in on the set up, although I wish she had done it sooner so Ash did not feel the need to kill someone and get them in trouble again. I am conflicted about my feelings towards Ash’s death. On one hand I feel terrible for Fez losing the only family he has left, but on the other hand he did kill two people, leaving Fez to clean up the mess, so am I really sad he is gone or am I just sad Fez lost his brother? 

Obviously, moving into season three I am most curious about how the murders will play out and whether Fez will go down for Ash’s murders. Will the season two finale be the end of Fexi in season three? I mean Lexi is forgiving but I do not think she would date a convicted killer, innocent or not.

Cassie and Maddy

Cassie, I loved you, but oh how that table has turned. Cassie truly took on the villain role this season, going behind Maddy’s back and hooking up with Nate was not the last straw for me though. The last straw for me was watching her move in with Nate, after he ignored her for days when Maddy found out. I related to Cassie’s insecurities so much in season one and the beginning of season two, but I can not respect a woman who does not respect herself and will break another woman for a man. 

Maddy on the other hand won me over this season. She went from being the mean girl of season one to showing some softer sides in season two. Her confidence is inspiring and her loyalty and love for her friends is admirable. 

I will say, I miss the Cassie and Maddy dynamic and although I have lost all respect for Cassie, I hope they make amends in the future. A boy was not worth the end of their friendship, especially Nate. 


Love him or hate him, Nate is one of the most interesting characters in the show. I personally tend to sympathize with Nate, call it my toxic trait. For real though, I think Nate grew up in a very toxic and violent environment and for how terrible his father was I honestly think he could have turned out worse. Although Cal’s infamous line, “I am who I am,” did turn me in his favor a bit.

The season finale ends with Nate turning his father over to the authorities, which I think momentarily will bring him some peace, but I am curious to see how the other characters will react to it if his arrest is made public and incorporated in the plot next season.

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