Laughter Ensues at Latest Improv Show

To Be Determined held a short-form improv show on Jan. 28 in Askanase Auditorium, causing a lot of laughs and a lot of fun.

On Jan. 28, North Dakota State improv group To Be Determined hosted their second show of the semester in Askanase Auditorium. I’m not one for improv comedy, but this show was different. This show had the audience involved in many jokes, and the fact that it was current NDSU made it seem like you were watching your friends on stage.

The show had a lot of scenes that varied in style, which added variety and originality to the show. The performers made the show relevant and approachable to people who are, and are not, interested in improv.

The most enjoyable scene was when the actors had to create a story. The story would repeat over and over, but the only difference is that a character has to die after each scene. This was hilarious because it looked like human dolls being controlled by one person. It was fun, original and creative.

The cast, aside from students, had a cheesecake. The most talented cheesecake I have ever seen.

Anything can happen when you go to an improv show. I would highly recommend it. At times, you need imagination to understand the comedy, but the actors made the jokes super relatable, fun and easy to understand.

It’s cool to see your friends create a comedy show. It relieves stress and makes you think about all the fun things you can do on campus.

You can catch TBD’s next show at 8:00 p.m., February 11 in Askanase Auditorium.

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