Is Patrick Mahomes seeing ghosts?

Sam Darnold saw them once, perhaps the former MVP is now too

It might be time to start worrying about the Kansas City Chiefs and more specifically, Patrick Mahomes. Last week I was willing to say the Chiefs are still a Superbowl contending team, but that was before I saw them play the Tennessee Titans. The Chiefs and Mahomes were only able to put up three points against the Titans on Sunday. They haven’t been held to three points since 2012, when they went 2-14.

So that begs the question, what is going on with Mahomes and the Chiefs after back-to-back Super Bowl appearances over the last two seasons?

During the preseason Patrick Mahomes was the betting front runner for MVP, so it is safe to say that this poor performance was not expected at the beginning of the year. What has caused such a hard fall from grace? Mahomes has been trying to do way too much and if he doesn’t stop, the Chiefs might miss the playoffs all together.

This is a very high-powered offense when they are clicking. We have all seen what this team is capable of with all their weapons. However, Mahomes has been trying to force throws that should not be made which has led to him being tied for first in interceptions thrown this year with nine, and in total turnovers with 11 through the first seven weeks.

There have been multiple occurrences this season where Mahomes has decided to not throw the ball away or dump it off to his running back or tight end, but instead decides to throw it 40 yards downfield to a receiver who is covered. He also had a play where he dropped the snap and was immediately surrounded by defenders. Instead of taking the sack he decided to throw the ball up in a prayer, but the only one there was a defender. It is plays like these that have proven he is trying to do too much with nothing. But is it all his fault?

So far this season, the Chiefs’s offense has still been good despite the turnover numbers, yet they have one of the worst defensive groups in the NFL right now. Even though Patrick Mahomes is having his worst season yet, you cannot pin all of Kansas City’s problems on him.

His defense has allowed the fourth most yards in the league and has allowed the third most points in the league. If you pair that up with a struggling quarterback, you get a team with a negative record through seven weeks of action. Does this mean the Chiefs are in trouble? It could if this defense doesn’t shape up, and Mahomes continues to force passes and turn the ball over. The Chiefs may be in for a frightening season.

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