Inside Look: what does it mean to be an RA

Information meetings held about how to become an RA

North Dakota State University held informational meetings about being a Resident Assistant on campus. Current RAs talked with others who were interested in the job on Tuesday night and earlier this month. Being an RA on campus gives students an opportunity to live and eat on campus. They also are able to have a flexible schedule and learn how to become better leaders.

The RA position is open to any NDSU student, whether they are a graduate or undergraduate student. However, they are required to have a semester GPA that is over 2.5. According to NDSU, “RAs care for residents by helping create connections, offering resources and support, and engaging in hall and campus activities.” This includes assisting the freshman or sophomore residents with any problem that arises. 

Acacia Collado, from Bismarck, is an NDSU sophomore student double majoring in finance and global business with a minor in Spanish. She is also working as an RA, which she started her spring semester of Freshman year. She is currently an RA for Thompson Hall. 

“One of the main responsibilities is making sure that your residents are feeling welcome and their needs are met,” said Callado. She answers questions for the residents, plans events and does decorating which shows the residents how welcome they are at NDSU. Overall they “make sure that their experience at NDSU in their first year is a beneficial and good experience,” she said.

Each floor has an RA that will be there for the entirety of one academic year. By being an RA, students receive a scholarship that covers the cost of housing. They also receive a free meal plan for their academic year. 

The RA schedule is very flexible for students, as they work around class schedules and extracurriculars. “My hall director is really understanding with things going on,” said Callado, “they usually say it’s a person first, then it’s a student, then it’s an RA.” 

By being an RA, students are able to work with many different students and meet new people. “You get a whole built in community, so you have supportive RA’s and hall directors that help grow your leadership skills,” said Callado. 

The RAs do hold responsibility on their floor and often have to confront students about illegal activity. The RAs are accountable for enforcing policy on their floor which can be challenging to work with. “The most challenging part is the potential confrontation with the students because there are rules you are supposed to follow as an RA,” said Callado. 

RAs also with the Hall Front Desk and complete duty rounds to make sure that the buildings are safe for the students. RAs are often involved in other student activities and events as well. “Even though you have work, and you’re getting paid for it, they’ll still have the benefits of just giving you time to yourself to be a student and a person,” said Callado. 

For more information about how to become an RA click here. 

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