iCarly Talent and Variety Show Spin-Off to Take Place at NDSU

What are you doing on Thursday, April 13th at 7:30 pm? The only acceptable answer is “sitting in Festival Concert Hall watching the Bison Brevities show”. In case you have not yet heard, NDSU’s Blue Key Honor Society is hosting its annual talent and variety show. The theme this year is “iBison”, which is a spin-off of the iconic late 2000s show “iCarly”. If you have a good taste in television, you can recognize the potential that this theme will have for this type of event.

The proceeds raised from the $5 tickets and silent auction sales will go towards the nonprofit Cully’s Kids. Cully’s Kid’s has the goals of improving the quality of life for children and their families who are dealing with cancer or life-threatening diseases and increasing awareness of children’s healthcare issues, focusing on cancer. I think this is a very worthwhile charity to support, and love that it is helping local families. 

As for the Bison Brevities show itself, it will be full of talents from both NDSU and members of the Fargo Moorhead community. Blue Key Honor Society has held a longstanding tradition of hosting this show since 1927. While it was initially a musical, the now skits and performances have become a staple of NDSU’s spring semester. Regardless, I think that either one would be entertaining. It is incredibly unique in how it allows for students to showcase their skills on a stage to their peers. I am happy to see that the Bison Brevities show is making a comeback, especially since Covid has had such a devastating effect on it the past few years. 

As you might have already seen this week, the organization has had a table in the union allowing for students to buy their ticket to the show. A link to their donation site can be found in the bio of their Instagram account: ndsubluekey. There is also a link to their silent auction, with prizes from all over the Fargo-Moorhead community. Even if you are unable to attend in person, I highly recommend still supporting their cause!

Last year, I got to attend the show and had a fantastic time. It is not overly long and provided a much-needed brain break for me. I was able to hear multiple singers and bands, as well as a variety of other talents and comedy acts. Outside of that, I even won a silent auction item after getting into a bidding war with other students! While I personally do not have any talents I want to share at the time, I am so excited to see what other students have to offer. I sincerely hope to see a great turnout at the event, because I know how much behind-the-scenes work goes into putting something like this on. If you love iCarly, charity, or just having fun, I suggest attending the Bison Brevities show!

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