Human Science Education Honors Day

Women are disproportionately underrepresented in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, also known as STEM fields. Those few who do pursue jobs in these fields face several financial difficulties. To help close the gender gap in these important professions, several businesses and organizations are providing scholarships and other forms of financial aid. 

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, only one in four computer and math professionals and one in six individuals working in the fields of architecture and engineering are women. In addition, a woman in STEM earns 14 cents less for every dollar a man does, according to the United States Department of Commerce.  One of the best ways to reduce the gender gap is to increase access to higher education possibilities. 

By assisting in funding female students’ access to undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate STEM programs, scholarships help to establish that encouraging trend. Scholarships are essential for students to focus on their studies, complete design projects, and pursue research or internship opportunities, all of which assist in maintaining women in STEM areas through graduation and beyond. 

For women pursuing STEM occupations, there are numerous scholarships available from the North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota, as well as from other groups, organizations, and businesses.  On November 1, the scholarship application for 2024 will become available. More than $120 million in financial help from the federal government, states, private organizations, and NDSU is given to 80% of its students. All students are encouraged to submit their scholarship applications by the specified dates. 

At the Human Sciences and Education 2023 Honors Day on September 26, I was honored and humbled to receive the Dr. Evelyn Morrow Lebedef Memorial and the Ida B. and Verlin K. Johnson Family Endowment scholarships and host the event with Dr. Ron Werner Wilson, Dean of the new College of Health and Human Sciences, who is a strong supporter of the Centennial History of the College of Home Economics and a strong believer in women in leadership.  According to Dr. Wilson, many students received scholarships totaling $283,742. 

The scholarships from the contributors have made a significant difference for the students and me at North Dakota State University.  It is closing the educational gap in education by providing financial aid to students to enable them to reach their full potential.  By offering scholarships, it promotes diversity, inclusion, equity, and fairness through the choice of different student bodies, improving educational quality, fostering a sense of belonging, and reflecting the goodness and diversity of society.  The expansion of scholarship opportunities for students in higher education is closing the gender gap, empowering women in particular in all academic fields, and improving the world.   

Some scholarships need essays, while others request films or artistic pieces. Furthermore, the application process requires time.  My advice is to focus on scholarships that best match your career requirements and communication style. As a result, it is advisable that all students cultivate a writing habit and be prepared to produce a significant essay.  To avoid missing deadlines, it is critical to begin applying early and keep organized.   

The Bison scholarship recipients had a good outlook, were devoted, and were sure that they could make a difference in society.  As students, we sincerely appreciate the contributors’ unwavering commitment and ongoing assistance towards North Dakota State University students.   

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