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How To Study and Spectate

Trust me, I’m a professional multi-tasker. Read my twitter bio; it says so there, too. And everything on Twitter is real — or so they tell me.

I’m also a sports fan and a devout student that crams for finals. Here are my top three solutions of how to do both at the same time.

1. Twitter breaks

The most effective way to study, I think, is to go hard on one subject for a short period of time (like 30 minutes), then take a shorter break (like 10 minutes), then switch subjects. The brain responds and can remember better when you aren’t just staring at your organic chemistry notes for two and a half hours.

Therefore, during breaks, go on twitter.

The @NDSUathletics twitter page stays refreshingly current, and it will give you the important information you need in under 140 characters.

If you’re looking for something more specific, follow @NDSUmbb and @NDSUwbb for men’s and women’s basketball updates, respectively. These will be especially helpful if you’re missing live games.

All North Dakota State athletic teams have up-to-date accounts. But don’t abuse it — take a break for 10 minutes and then go back to studying.

2. Live streaming in separate tabs

For those of you who don’t have time for breaks, I would utilize the live-game streaming on your computer or iPad.

My roommate watches Grey’s Anatomy on her iPad while she works on her homework on her computer. You might not own an iPad, but the live game will still play if you’re working in a different tab on your browser or if you’re working in Word on that paper.

Typically, you have to log in to live stream, so be sure to have a friend with a username and password.

3. Radio

You might not know it, but almost all local Bison sporting events are broadcasted over the radio. You can go to a radio’s website and often “listen live.”

Go to (or KNDS 96.3 FM, for those who have an actual radio) is a hidden gem in this sense. It’s run by students avoiding their studying by broadcasting the game right to you. Utilize this free system.

Good luck studying, and remember to take breaks to support the Bison.

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