How-To H.A.G.S

(Have A Great Summer)

We can finally say we made it to the end of the school year. Although we don’t get to take a school day to go outside and sign each other’s yearbooks and talk about our summer plans as we did in middle school, I can still fill you in on the best way to get the most out of your summer. I know you’ve been reading, comprehending, and regurgitating information all year, so I’ll keep this as a short and sweet summer send-off. It’s a short 3 months that we wish could last an eternity, so here’s how you can make the most out of it.

Stay present–always.

Whether you may be working while it’s criminally nice out, in the process of moving out of one house and into another, or just plain busy, stay present. Make the most out of what you’re doing, even if it’s not much. If you’re just relaxing with friends outside but aren’t sure what to do, just be happy that you’re relaxing with friends. What’s that saying again? A watched pot never boils? If you stop over-examining what you’re doing at any given moment the ideas will come to you. Boredom doesn’t exist if you’re content with everything you do no matter how non-exciting it may be.

Try new things.

I know everyone says this all the time, but to achieve a new summer– one that’ll leave you talking about for months and telling everyone about next fall–you need new experiences. It can be as little as clicking on a new show instead of watching the same show. You know the one with the same seasons and the same episodes you’ve seen over and over again. If you’ve gotten to the point where you can quote the next line, I’m talking to you. I am also guilty of this, so it’s time to take my own advice. You could even push yourself to try something bigger like joining a league this summer. Possibilities could be softball, tennis, or spike ball. You could make a goal for yourself to be active once a day, or perhaps try a new restaurant once a month. Whatever comes to mind, trust it and try it. Here is one more math problem for you: new experiences = good experiences.

Keep in touch.

Another way to make summer memorable is to reach out to classmates, coworkers, or perhaps distant friends, and see if they want to do something. As previously stated, doing something new is great; however, doing something new with someone new is amazing. Even if the only thing you got from the summer was a new friendship, that’d be a successful summer. Branch out and good things come. The more the merrier.

Whatever you find yourself doing this summer, I hope it brings you all exciting challenges, an abundance of happiness, and overall, just feels like a breath of fresh air. I’d also like to take a special moment to congratulate any and all graduating seniors. The Bison community is proud of you guys. Go do great things. We know you will.

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