How to Guide: Beat Your Boss in Madden

I’m pretty sure that most sports fans have played one of the Madden games. With the latest, Madden ’17, coming out just a few short months ago, here are some fun tips to help you defeat your family, friends, co-workers or your boss.

Yes, I have played and beat my boss on more than one occasion. Just ask Taylor Schloemer. Out of the five times we have played, or something like that, he has beat me once. Here is my keys to winning and being the greatest head-to-head Madden player of all time.

When you play Madden you want an offense that can both run and pass the ball. It helps if the back can catch as well.

Two quick teams that come to mind are the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. Both these teams can pass and run. Le’Veon Bell for Pittsburgh and David Johnson are two of the best receiving backs. What really sucks is when someone has both on their fantasy team. Yes, this is true and don’t ask me how it happened. It was a mess and I don’t want to talk about it.

Looking at the Cardinals, I scored three touchdowns in the first half with Johnson, so him in the game can be just like him in real life. Also, if you get in a pickle, just throw the ball up to Larry Fitzgerald. Whenever you throw to him, you have one job. Yell “LARRY!” He has the surest hands in the league with 24 drops coming into this year, including postseason. His career most was in 2006 with five drops. So, when in doubt, throw out to Larry.

One last offensive note is the different plays. Slants are a good play at almost any time. At times, you have to wait a little while, but usually they work in almost any case. My other favorites are the Spider Two Y Banana and Spider Three Y Banana. These aren’t the actual names in the games, but the play is when you line up with the fullback and halfback formations. You do a play action and the fullback goes out in the flat. He is always open, unless it is man or the guy manually controls a player over there. In which case, hit the tight end that is five to ten more yards up field. Just never throw to the Venus.

Defense side of the ball. You take the Denver Broncos if you want a good defense for one reason and one reason only. “STRIP SACK MILLER!” You user Von Miller every play and hope to get to the quarterback and strip sack them.  Overall with defense, you blitz every play. It doesn’t matter if it is Engage Eight or a normal Mike Blitz. Every play you blitz. Remember defense wins championships and you get pressure on the quarterback, your loser friend will make bad plays and will try to rush it and throw a pick or will fumble the ball.

Last final notes. You never punt or kick field goals. Point afters are okay to do. On fourth and 27, you call a screen and get behind your big man and hit the hole and get that first down, or you call a deep grow route and hope that he catches it. If he does, “LARRY!” If you play with a guy that does punt, take Steelers. For the soul purpose that Antonio Brown is the punt returner and you try to ninja kick someone in the face like he did to Browns punter Spencer Lanning.

Overall, Madden is a game where people get together for bragging rights and friendships and lives may possibly be ruined. Now I hope I gave you all the information to you need to defeat everyone in your life and be the Madden champion.

This information is for just normal head-to-head match ups. Don’t ask me about Draft Champions or Madden Ultimate Team. I suck at those, so you are on your own on that one. Happy playing my fellow Madden players and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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