How To: College Halloween Attire

The timeless costumes of the decade

Every Halloween, I am reminded of how little creativity or effort people put into their costumes. 

I think if I were to ask a room full of people for a raise of hands as to if they had seen a girl dressed up as some type of cat, over three-quarters of them would. Now listen, I don’t have anything against them because I have dabbled in this societal construct a few times, but since realizing my basic-ness, I have at least tried to switch it up and be a little original. 

Nevertheless, I can just about guarantee that we will see quite a few of what I have identified as the most popular, or basic, costumes that are worn by the female population of any college. 

As I hinted at the beginning of my article, the first and most basic costume of the decade is the cat. The only variety that takes place when it comes to this costume is the different types of cats girls come up with. 

The Cat 

There’s the simple black cat. The cheetah or really any cat in the wild. Or my favorite, the weird colorful ones that can only be identified as a cat because of the tail and ears that come with it. 

The recurring theme of all these kinds of cat costumes is as follows: a monochromatic outfit, ears, a tail, and some face paint whiskers. As you can probably tell, this costume is both simple and cheap to recreate.

The Witch

Now, for the next one, we have a costume that can be worn in two very different ways: a witch. When I say it can be worn two ways I mean that it can be made into a cute costume with a simple hat and broom, or you can go all out and dress like a Sanderson sister.

In the context of this article though, we’ll be going over the aesthetic witch. This costume includes a black dress with a witch’s hat and if you really want to take it to the next level, a broom. 

For a more classic witch, feel free to wear a long dress with dark colors, some crooked teeth, a pair of black boots, and keep with the same witch hat and broom. For a little pizzaz, you could also add a wig and some dramatic makeup or a beauty mark to dip your toes into the costume of Morticia Adams.


Moving on, the hint for this costume is that it is nothing like what the actual character itself wears. I won’t dock you points if you said literally any costume because let’s be honest, nobody actually depicts characters in an accurate way, but if you guessed cowgirl, you would be right. 

As a rancher’s daughter, I can say that the amount of clothes an actual cowgirl wears compared to that of the costume is very different. For the costume itself, all you really need is some type of dress with fringe, a cowgirl hat, a chunky belt, and boots. 

As I said before, this depiction is not what a true cowgirl wears, but I don’t think that’s stopping anyone, so I’ll just quit complaining.

Frat Boy’s

The fourth costume I came up with is the frat boy. I would be lying if I didn’t admit to having this on my list for many years because, let’s be honest, it’s fitting for the environment. It is almost guaranteed that you can find the items needed for this costume in one of two places: your closet or your dad’s.

I know for a fact that everyone has some sort of khaki bottoms, and if you pair that with a frat bro button-up, sunglasses, and a backward baseball cap, you’re set. You could also replace the khaki bottoms with some black leggings, and you’ve still mastered the look. 

I will warn you that after wearing this for a little while, you might suffer from symptoms of having too much of an ego or using the word “bro” more than socially acceptable. 

The Princess

The last costume we’re going to touch base on is the fairy. This is a pretty easy at-home costume you can recreate because all you really need is a pastel-colored dress and some wings. You could also dress this up by including some gaudy jewelry and a pair of elbow-length gloves. 

Worst case scenario, you go without the wings and throw on a crown to switch your costume into that of a princess. All I know is that it seems like most of the girls who wear this are trying to relive their childhood, and I don’t blame them.


Now that I have offered you all the ultimate guide to being a basic Halloween ghoul(yes, I needed to make that joke), I hope that you will all be safe and have fun! Happy Halloween!

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