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How Are You Feeling?

The Memorial Union Gallery is giving students and faculty the opportunity to express their emotions on the walls of the Union. The gallery launched the interactive project entitled “How are You Feeling.” Anyone can post their current emotion on a wall, painting a physical picture of the disposition of the university.

The project simply asks the audience of three things:

  1. Read the description of each post-it note color and selects the one that best relates to you.
  2. Place that note on the wall.
  3. Be aware of how colors affect your mood throughout the day.

Participants in the project can choose from six colors:

  • Red – anger or stress
  • Orange – excitement or determination
  • Yellow – hunger or frustration
  • Green – happiness or balance
  • Blue – calm or stress free
  • Violet – wise and mysterious

The “How are You Feeling” project brings to awareness something most would take for granted. Colors compose our environment and have a significant effect on our overall mood. North Dakota State’s Union Gallery asks the public to be aware of this phenomenon. Anyone can contribute their interpretations of color and emotions and invite people to leave their mark on the emotional spectrum.

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