Homecoming Shirts Pinned Down

Tradition was celebrated last week during NDSU’s homecoming week, and official homecoming T-shirts embodied years of success by planting five FCS National Championship trophies across the front of the shirts along with “Homecoming 2016”.

Spencer Moir, student body president, said student government sold upwards of 3,400 t-shirts which was considerably successful. Nick Reitan, student government’s executive commissioner of public relations, said turnout was strong and a lot of interest for t-shirts happened to come from off-campus.

The shirts were sold for 5$ a piece.

“All profits were supplemented to various student organizations around campus in efforts to help organizations and clubs succeed,” student government said.

Sarah Patton, a freshman majoring in Animal Science, said, “The shirts were cute, but almost too similar to the shirts they had last year.” Last year’s Homecoming shirts arranged four National Championships across the top.

Patton said due to the similarities, she participated in the Homecoming festivities, however, did not buy a shirt.

The shirt design is produced by handful of committees including Publication Services, University Relations, and the Homecoming Committee. Reitan said it’s student government’s responsibility to arrange the printing, payment, and distribution of the shirts.

Isaac Sullivan, English major, said the display of championships represents a “healthy ambition” and sense of school spirit at NDSU. He says in future years he hopes to see Thundar, NDSU’s mascot, incorporated into the shirt.

“I bought a shirt and I think I will wear it often,” Ben Shepard, a freshman majoring in Crop and Wheat Sciences, said. He said he loved the design, however, he wishes the trophies were bigger.

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